ALCI guarantees that no matter what the weather conditions or circumstances are, our experienced and focused teams are available 24 hours a day to provide you with the full range of Ships Agency services, including off port limits. We further take care of additional details like:

  1. Pre-flight planning meetings and complete co-ordination of cargo operations.
  2. Making sure that the appropriate cargo handling equipment and crews are available.
  3. Arranging immigration formalities, hotel accommodation and all transfers.


Air Transportation
ALCI provide a full range of services for the flights from Cape Town to Antarctica. These include chartering suitable aircraft and helicopters when necessary, additional equipment for aircraft with required safety and rescue equipment, providing all necessary permits, licenses and insurance for this type of flight, handling of crew, passengers and cargo at Cape Town airport, supply of aviation fuel in Cape Town and Antarctica. ALCI make sure that both aircraft and crew comply with all International standards on safety and operations and that aviation activity in Antarctica will not be detrimental to the environment. We are involved in the development of an Antarctic Aviation network and look forward to co-operation in this field.
International Logistics
ALCI is able to provide a full range of services related to International Forwarding, Customs clearing, warehousing, as well as procurement and leasing.
Ecological Projects
A leading South African waste management company has joined us to ensure that any waste returned from Antarctica complies with the following legislative, safety and legal requirements:

  1. The protocol on environmental protection to the Antarctic Treaty (Madrid 1991)
  2. The hazardous substances act, (Act 15 of 1973, handling and conveyance of hazardous substances)
  3. A detailed waste tracking system is implemented with the issuing of a “Certificate of Safe Disposal”.

Treatment and recycling of waste will be carried out in a manner that minimises its impact on the environment and that there is no unauthorised transfer of waste from the control of the appointed waste management company.

During 1995/96 we were co-ordinating the rehabilitation of the Novolazarevskaya Station as well as the cleaning of the Georg Forster Station together with the Alfred-Wegener Institute in Germany and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in Russia.

Administrative Support
Our premises are fully equipped with all necessary means of modern communication and administrative work. We can also provide you with facilities for seminars and courses for expedition personnel, working space with full secretarial support printing and stationery. ALCI staff are all trained to handle any unexpected or emergency situations and will ensure that your Antarctic personnel are well looked after whilst in Cape Town. We take care of all public relations issues, lease with media, advertising and promotions agencies, create public awareness and stimulate support for different Antarctic matters including non-governmental activities within the guidelines of the Antarctic Treaty.